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A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR has started in the middle of 2000 with recording the first demo "THE RIGHT PLACE", the recordings where finished in december 2000 and released as a MC-Box and a CD-R-Box in march and may of 2001 by the dutch label STAHLKLANG AUDIO.


From january till march ACOH recorded a second project which was named "Wilhelm Gustloff" and dealed with the sinking of a refugee-ship which was sunk by a russian u-boat in the night of the 30th of january 1945 at the east-coast of germany, the ship went under with 5000 people on it underwhich 2000 childeren, this was the biggest naval disaster in recorded history.


ACOH started in may 2001 with the recording of the debut-album "Once we where warriors" which is planned to be released by the french label Divine Comedy as a Limited edition of 500 copies. The album will contain around 12 new songs, more bombastic as all recordings before.